back to the grind

I started a new job back in LA.  Aside from the 7am start time, it's been a good change.   One benefit of an early start is watching the sunrise...
...and the moonset.
Worked late that day. TGFOT = Thank God for overtime.
We decided to take a dinner break.

Alameda St.

Happy Halloween!
Urth Cafe.

Chicken curry salad.

3 pairs.

Energized for the rest of the night.

Working has given me more appreciation for the weekends.  Headed to Rob's new pad the next night.
Tuan was in town.
The new man cave.
It was extra foggy that night.

Kohryu for lunch the next day.
Y was visiting from NY.

Boba for desert.
Mad sticky rice!
Jenn & Dre.
Grass jelly.  Not so good.

Met Thano at Lost Bean to end the wknd!


second shots

Sometimes when you come back to a photo, it can interest you in a way different than before.  These are some random photos from a trip I made to SF in March.
On the 133.

Juicy bug.
On the 5.

Somewhere near Gilroy.

Makes me miss my old green accord...but this one is much cooler.

Beach bubbs.

San Bruno driving range.
Worm's kitchen faucet.

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