Fifth time back in SF this year.  There's no better feeling of being at home than going to a Giants game.

AT&T Park.  Notice the line of people across the way.

View from the upper level.

It was a beautiful day.

Josh and Al.

Funny, I thought Dodger fans had nothing to smile about these days.
photo cred: al

Passing the love from generation to generation.
The visitors.

The garlic fries are a must.

The wind started to pick up.

And the fog started rolling in.

That night was a low-scoring game.

Anxiously awaiting as we go to extra innings...

Bottom of the 10th Keppinger singles...DeRosa rounds third...

Giants win!

Because he knows.

Geary tunnel.

Back to the Sunset.

Went to Nopa for a late night bite.  

Kat's avocado salad.

Kev's papardelle.

My burger was tasty.

Sunday brunch.

Organic pork chops.

Off to Oakland for Worm's bbq.

Backyard movie night!

Accompanied with banana smores...

...and Brandileigha's cherry-watermelon pie.



Meanwhile back inside, there was a random showdown.

Green man prevailed!  Great night and weekend!



Lunch at Urth Cafe with Mike n Leic.

My Urth salad.

Billie was happy to come along.

Cafe Brasil.

West LA.

Off to S Pas for dinner.

Like father like son.

Sherry was in town.  Walked over to Bistro de la Gare.

My first time eating es cargo.

I enjoyed every bite.

Some of the best french onion soup around.

Reunions are great!


Always keep one eye on the road and the other on CHP.

Brookhurst Blvd.

$15 foot massages = perfect end to great wknd.

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