Checked out a furniture store as we waited to get seated...

Welcome to Pizzeria Delfina.

Salsiccia pizza.

Proscuitto Pie.

The Salsiccia just edged out the Proscuitto Pie.

Giants bike.

Warriors bike.

Went shopping downtown afterwards.

Happy Easter!

Union Square...kinda.

Went to Fort Mason for a food truck bonanza aka Off the Grid.

A few other people had the same idea.

Asian asada and roasted duck tacos.

I want one just like that.

The truck of the hour.

It took an hour in line to get this baked pork belly sandwich...

And miso chicken steamed bun.

Called it a night.


academy of science

Academy of Science.  A cool way to learn about the animal kingdom.
(Free every 3rd Wedn of the month)

the downside of free = long lines.

these kids didn't seem bothered by the long wait.

he was a natural climber.

albino alligator



Pursuit of Happiness.

live roof.
great first day back in the city.

avandia class action lawsuit