if you're in SF, try this place

kev hooked it up, pls proceed...

very good cocktail - parsnip and honey brandy

lentil soup

beet and oxtail vinaigrette 

dungeness crab and tokyo turnip

boneless chicken wings

scallop and butternut squash

one of their signature dishes - duck basteeya

my squab with farro and spinach

beef with shelling beans and artichoke

lamb shank with sour cherry and swiss chard

date cake with orange blossom and persimmon

burnt vanilla ice cream with french brioche

lemon sorbet

amazing dinner!  thanks kev!


metro wednesday

to avoid the thanksgiving freeway traffic, jon and I decided to try the metro out...irvine station: 6am.

i wasn't the only one feeling the effects of an early morning 

union station

worked late and had to taxi it back to union station, then back to irvine...twas a long day!


To New Beginnings

A & J with tuan and dre...tuan's fried chicken and rice
spicy beef noodle soup 

monte's getting married today!..surprisingly pretty relaxed all morning

Sierra Madre 

monte anxiously awaiting the ceremony

us groomsmen contemplated forming a band while we were waiting...

and waiting....

deep breath....and showtime
Alta Dena Country Club

they did it! congrats guys!!!

first dance - adele - make you feel my love

Din Tai Fung!

fried shrimp noodles

about as good as advertised
all done!

avandia class action lawsuit