no pics to prove it, but this place is legit

after a long day of golf, nothing like korean bbq.  this place always does it right...Seolaksan

cook the meat on a slab of stone!

kimchi fried rice

Alcove for lunch

Mike's spinach salad

met up with a few friends in Lil Tokyo for lunch today

Hama Sushi

never get tired of unagi


might have found a place to get my Halloween costume!



there are occasional brightspots during the gloominess...

...as he seems to have found one
the dust/dirt at my keyboard at work just does not come off

my breakfast spot when i'm early to work

about to join everyone else on their way home from work

luckily I had carpooled that day

mmm tilapia lunch

jungle ball

we've been having some downtime at work lately

not just used for running

impromptu bottega meeting

putting that USC education to good use

Mike's new best friend, Billie


LA Weekly

art night pasadena

george esquivel


these could probably make me fly too

pasadena city hall

homemade courtesy of nance for breakfast

they always have the best view

everyone seems to have extra clothes these days

not cool

under the 110

over the 110...this pic almost cost me my life

home of trojan basketball

duck noodle soup

gotta get-get

dinner tonite - pork chops and spinach

avandia class action lawsuit